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Trading signals comprise of information, tips, and strategies of the financial market experts to let you know of any possible trading opportunities, and how to go about them. CMSTrader provides signals to help you obtain the highest percentage of profits, and avoid unwanted risk. For instance, CMSTrader will send trading signals your way when there is an opportunity to buy or sell orders at specific points, and will give you an overview of the speculated price or loss ratio. CMSTrader sends the signals directly via SMS to your cell phone, for major currencies traded on the stock exchange, foreign goods, and precious metals, and/or in addition to e-mail and or direct over-the-phone notifications. Our team of data analysts is working 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, to be at your service


Trade with daily recommendations

CMSTrader provides recommendations to help the trader get the best profit rate as well as avoid high risk.

CMSTrader offers its clients the best financial services that are tailored to meet the needs of every client. To provide a unique Forex trading experience. CMSTrader relies on its team of prominent and competent financial experts to provide a series of daily recommendations and technical analyses to the traders. Our work reflects experience, excellence, and professionalism.

We are honored to offer services of the highest quality to our clients. We care about providing the trader with all that he needs, such as the latest information about the financial markets, the recent economic news, currencies, and any other information that would benefit him or her in their Forex trading experience.

Features Of CMSTrader Recommendations

  • Sending daily recommendations
  • Sending recommendations through the trading platforms
  • Sending recommendations with daily news and events
  • Recommendations that suit the size of the portfolio
  • Recommendations that suit the level of portfolio insurance, and also maintain the portfolio risk level
  • Recommendations for all portfolio owners on the CMSTrader trading account
  • Free daily recommendations

Recommendations are data and tips by stock market experts, that provide counseling and guidance in order to orient the traders in the right direction to gain profits, and avoid risks.

Guidance is provided by giving buying/selling orders at specific points, as well as indicating specific profit rates, or identifying losses.

CMSTrader sends direct signals through short messages, mail, email, and phone, regarding the main currencies traded in stock exchange, foreign merchandise, and precious metals.

We have analytical data extracted by our technical analysts who specialize in Forex. It is available five days a week around the clock.